Introduction To Medical Coding


Medical coding is an emerging field of bioinformatics and is transforming healthcare procedures, diagnosis, medical services, and equipment into universal medical alphanumeric codes. This course enables you with an introductory overview of the medical coding industry and provides you with the fundamental knowledge of medical coding, its principles and guidelines required for succeeding in this career. The career is highly in demand across the globe, and thus this introductory course is curated based on the standards decided by the American Health Association.

Courses Outcomes

Upon the completion of this course, participants would be able to:
● Understand the basics of medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology required for medical coding.
● Effectively work in medical coding management.
● Understand how medical law can comply with the ethical standards of the national health organizations.

Who Should Attend

Candidates who want to build their career as a certified medical coder, Students (B. Pharma/ M. Pharma/ B.Sc./M.Sc./ MBBS/ BDS), Industry peers, Regulatory professionals in pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, academic research centres

2 - 3 Hours
Vaibhavi Dargude
Attendance Certificate